Frequently Asked Question

Are you planning to spend your retirement or holidays in Bulgaria, or are you looking for a holiday home? Below we answer the most important questions when you decide to rent or buy a property in our complex!

The notary fees are between 3.5 – 5% of the purchase price.  This depends on the size of the property. We offer you legal advice on site and can assist you with the formalities with our German and Swiss client managers if you wish.

Taxes are max. 150 Euro per year, this depends on the size of the house.

The costs for the community include the maintenance of the garden, pool landscape, waste disposal and cost 7 euros per square metre of living space per year. Expenses for electricity and water are individual depending on use. For TV / internet, please calculate with monthly costs of max. 20-50 euros.

As the climate is very mild and rarely falls below 0 degrees, all villas are equipped with air conditioning and provide a pleasant indoor climate in winter and summer.
On request it is also possible to install a heating system or floor heating, which is not included in the purchase price. The heating costs are settled with the electricity costs and are max. 10-20 Euro / month.

A sun protection, shutters are not included in the purchase price and can be installed for you on request during construction planning or later.

We can understand this very well and is a knock-out criterion for many interested parties. However, the airfield is located with the runway outside the complex so that our residents can enjoy their well-deserved retirement – or vacation without noise pollution.

Many retired people ask themselves whether they can work there after moving to Bulgaria. The answer is very clear, YES! With the identification card you will have a full work permit during your stay in Bulgaria. Without any complicated bureaucratic special permits, you can supplement your pension.

Since you as a pensioner are fully entitled to health insurance that covers you in all medical emergencies and concerns, a separate international insurance is not necessary. Nevertheless, many of our customers who emigrate take out additional international health insurance.

As this offer is valid worldwide, you are not bound to individual insurance offers. If you are thinking about taking out social security or additional health insurance, it is best to do so before you leave for Bulgaria. Our trained staff will be happy to advise you here.

If you have decided to emigrate to Bulgaria, then you need you only need your identity card or passport. Since Bulgaria is part of the European Union, immigration is uncomplicated.

First you have to register with the police station in Bulgaria.

There you will get your residence permit – with your personal identification card. With this you are now entitled to live in Bulgaria until your identity card or passport is expiring.

Many people speak German and English on the Black Sea coast and the local population is very open, hospitable and helpful. With the influx of many pensioners from EU countries, it is quite feasible that friendships develop to spend time together.

Very uncomplicated and with our help it is done in one day. The costs for car insurance are many times lower.

You must deregister in your country and register in Bulgaria. The pension will then be transferred to the account in Bulgaria. According to the agreement in the double taxation treaties within the EU, the source country is always responsible for the taxation of pensions! However, you still have the option of withdrawing your pension from your current account.